About Villi Products

About Villi Products

Villi glass tiles were created in Austria, by enterprising glass artists who sought to meld brilliant color and light reflection with the durability and flexibility required for high-quality and sustainable installations.  Years of research and development delivered a patented manufacturing process, unique color palettes and stringent quality standards – the core elements in the most beautiful glass tiles in the world.

All Villi products, from the smallest 1”x1” mosaic pieces to our 24”x24” large format tiles are carefully calibrated to allow limitless modular combinations for ultimate design and installation control.  Because all Villi products are made from 8mm thick glass, they are easily combined with ceramic, porcelain, stone or other materials to create timeless layouts for focal points, accents or whole functional areas.  Our vast range of brilliant colors and sizes caters to all design requirements for floor, wall and other installations indoors and out, for dry or wet applications, in residential or commercial projects.

The Production Process

Villi tile’s beauty starts with the creation of its base color.  Following strict control standards, a colored paste suitable for silk-screen printing is produced in our laboratory, then used to create the initial glass plates.  To hold that color and produce a reflective base, a second layer, of a white protective cover, is then printed on the glass.  A trip through a high-temperature tunnel furnace effectively melts these color layers into the glass, creating a homogeneous piece of colored glass.  The progress of the melting process is continuously monitored and is subject to specific temperature parameters for each type of tile produced.  This ensures the tiles are tension free and can be subjected to further processing steps without any structural impact or damage.  After additional quality checks and controls for finish and color matching, larger glass sheets are then cut to specific order sizes, creating the building blocks for mosaics and other finished products.  The tiles are finished with a washing/drying process, followed by another trip through the furnace to fire polish all edges.  The result is absolute quality and beauty in each and every piece of Villi glass tile.

Highest Standards of Quality Control

After the fire polishing stage, Villi glass tiles are cooled and rigorously checked before being staged for packaging.  Mosaics and other sizes may be mounted on fiberglass nets with 2mm gaps, depending on customer preference.  All finished products are then carefully packaged to ensure they safely reach the installation location without nicks, cracks or breakage of any kind.  Our manufacturing process allows flexibility in design that can include custom blending of colors, sizes, mounting and packaging preferences.

Villi’s commitment to quality is carried from design inception to eventual fulfillment and installation, and of course, carefree use thereafter.  It is this end-to-end quality focus that delivers a consistent product that is easy to install and always spectacularly beautiful. Villi glass tiles can be easily cut and customized at the installation site to ensure a brilliant finished look.  The tiles are easy to cut with readily available tools using widely accepted practices.  A quality product demands a quality installation and Villi tiles allow for flawless installation when adhesives and joint sealants specific to glass are used.  A professional installer will love working with Villi tiles for any project.

Your Expression of Luxury and Elegance

Villi products allow designers a broad scope of opportunities to create impressive and unique glass tile installations that will reflect a deep sense of style, elegance and luxury.  With an exceptional color palette and size, shape and texture varieties, Villi tiles can be used to bring light, beauty, and depth to any design aesthetic imaginable.  Only Villi offers a product so versatile and functional with such uncompromising and exceptional quality and allure.