Villi River Mosaics

Villi River Mosaics




River Puzzle

Our most intriguing specialty design – River Puzzle – gives you the visual impression of walking on water, or air, or delicately shattered glass. Absolutely brilliant and stunning when installed, this unique utilization of structured, patterned yet random glass pieces will give your space a definitive focal point and statement.

Available in all 40 glossy colors. Call for stocking details.
Also available in Onyx blends as shown. Call for stocking details.

Baby River

Even more delicate than River Puzzle – Baby River uses even smaller glass pieces, each carefully polished and formed to provide amazing visual impact and functionality. It is often used as a trim or border for River Puzzle installations but can also be used on its own.

Available in all 40 glossy colors. Also available in Onyx blends. Call for stocking details.