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Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting

Villi makes high-quality, architectural building materials. Installation of large format glass tiles requires skillful techniques and training, and it is essential to adhere strictly to the relevant instructions for installation. For this reason installation should only be carried out by properly trained professionals. The owner or end user of the tiles is responsible for determining the acceptability of the product for the particular installation being considered. If the customer has any doubt as to whether the tile is suited to the application being considered it is strongly suggested a call be made to Villi USA to discuss any concerns.


Glass always has its own natural coloring, which increases as the thickness/density increases. The color of the final product may deviate slightly from the color of the original sample. This is referred to as a shade variation and nominal shade variations are not accepted as a reason for the return of the product. This color variation can be reduced with the application of an Opti-Glass product, but not completely. We strongly recommend that all tiles should be dry-laid and examined for variation and shading prior to installation. Villi USA assumes NO responsibility for problems related to product installation and NO adjustments will be made after the installation.

Detailed Instructions


If you have questions regarding the installation of your Villi products, call 866-724-5836. We’re always happy to help.


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