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Small discontinued lots are available for purchase. Distributor’s pricing protected. Purchases must be for the full quantities listed only, no returns or exchanges allowed. All items are 100% original, high-quality Villi products, just in small, discontinued lots.  Shipping and handling costs are not included in the prices below.

Blue Sky 3×6 Glossy

price: $0.90 per piece
color: Blue Sky
finish: Glossy
size: 3x6
qty: 61 pcs

Clear Grey 4×16 Glossy

price: $4.00/pc
color: Clear Grey
finish: Glossy
size: 4x16
qty: 33 pcs

Surf 4×12 Glossy

price: $3.00/pc
color: Surf
finish: Glossy
size: 4x12
qty: 40 pcs

Blue Cloud 2×4 offset mosaic Glossy

price: $8.50/sheet
color: Blue Cloud
finish: Glossy
size: 2x4 offset mosaic sheet
qty: 9 sheets

Bright White 3×6 Glossy

price: $0.90 per piece
color: Bright White
finish: Glossy
size: 31 pieces
qty: 3x6 Glossy

Ice 4×8 Glossy

price: $2.00/pc
color: Ice
finish: Glossy
size: 4x8
qty: 63 pieces
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