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Unicolor Trim Pieces

Villi’s commitment to unparalleled quality in manufacturing is seen even more completely in our line of trim and specialty pieces.

Available Sizes & Styles

1″ x 16″
1″ x 12″
1″ x 8″
5/8″ x 12″
Trim Pieces Borders SizesCanale & Corners
1″ x 8″
Trim Pieces Borders Canale
Art Border & Corners
2″ x 8″
Trim Pieces Borders ArtTorello & Corners
1″ x 8″
Trim Pieces Borders Torello

More Information

Made with the same exacting process and in the same rich and brilliant colors, these pieces will perfectly finish your installation by ensuring the reflectance, rich hues and striking structure of our tiles carries all the way to every corner, edge and rim.

Villi Trim Pieces
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