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Installation of Bathroom Fixtures, Fittings and More

When installing bathroom fixtures & fittings (toilets, sinks, mirrors, etc.) by means of screws, place suitable plastic washers between the bearing surface and the glass tile. When you tighten the screws, the plastic washers ensure an even distribution of pressure and prevent the tiles from breaking under the stress.

Placing Hardware and Accessories

  • All hardware anchors or blocking for heavy objects must be set directly into the structure. Do not put any weight loads on the immediate substrate (cementitious board, greenboard, hardibacker, etc.) and never on to the glass tile itself.
  • Shower doors and glass panel hardware should be set before setting glass tile. Do not set heavy items directly onto the glass. Blocking is required where doors attach to the wall. This reduces stress to the wall.
  • The glass must be physically separated from towel bars, light fixtures, hooks, or any other hardware. Use cork material or 1/16” rubber sheeting to separate hardware from the glass tile. Cut to size and shape as needed.

Detailed Instructions


If you have questions regarding the installation of your Villi products, call 866-724-5836. We’re always happy to help.


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