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Physical Properties

Weight8 mm Thickness - 4.1 lbs/sq.ft
Water absorption0 Percent
Color-fast - no corrosionYes
Surface resistant to acid and lyee.g. chlorine
Pigments are fused in and are therefore color-fast and do not corrodeYes
Scratch hardness on the Mohs scale6
Break strength of tiles795 lbs/sqi
Required for ceramic280 lbs/sqi
Thermal expansion on temperature change of 100°C1 mm/m
Electrical conductivity0

Glass Thickness

Given a glass thickness of 8 mm, VILLI glass tiles and mosaics are compatible with almost all other ceramic products.

Color and Light Fastness

To achieve the desired color brilliance of VILLI glass tiles and mosaics, they are coated with metallic pigments, which are fused directly with the glass. This helps prevent the tiles from corroding and the colors from fading. It also prevents the color from being rubbed off or scratched, regardless of whether the tiles are used indoors or outdoors.

High-Temperature Resistance

VILLI tiles must not be laid next to an open flame. VILLI mosaics must be at least 30 cm from any open flame or fire.

Dimensional Accuracy

Our strict quality-control system ensures that only flawless products with absolute dimensional accuracy are shipped out. All the formats of our products can be combined with each other without any problem whatsoever. Given this excellent perfect fit and dimensional accuracy, our products can be laid with a joint width of only 2 mm.

Surfaces and Edges

All VILLI glass tiles, mosaics and each individual piece of River Mosaic are fire-polished after cutting in order to obtain the smooth, clean-cut and soft edges typical of VILLI.

Coating of the Reverse Side

VILLI glass tiles and mosaics have a second layer on the reverse side. Following the color-proofing process, this white layer is applied to the glass and treated with chemicals in order to obtain a rough surface. This way, it bonds extremely well with the tile adhesive and adheres well to the wall. In addition, this white layer also protects the color and ensures that the mesh does not show through the tile. All VILLI products are subject to stringent quality checks – also in terms of color tone in order to achieve an even coloration.

Mesh Sheets

VILLI mosaics are fitted perfectly on to fiberglass-mesh sheets (12″ x 12″). Only one in three threads is unwoven and glued to the tile. This allows for close contact between the remaining threads and the tile adhesive and ensures that the tile adheres well to the wall.

VILLI Products for the Outdoors

VILLI glass tiles and mosaics are frost-resistant – both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the material properties of the tiles, VILLI products are also ideal for use in swimming pools and all wet or damp areas, given their color and light fastness.

Floor Tiles

The VILLI Skid Resistant floor tiles have been tested by an independent laboratory according to ASTM standards. The test results have shown:

Breaking resistance (ASTM C648):
ASTM standard exceeded with (>) 1,100 pounds per square inch

Abrasion resistance (ASTM C1027):
Class IV

Static coefficient of friction (ASTM C1028):
Dry neolite: 1.20 – wet neolite 1.07

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is quite easy to clean and maintain VILLI products. Since VILLI tiles have a non-porous, homogeneous glass surface, all standard cleaners can be used, including those normally used for windows and mirrors. No special chemicals are required.


You can obtain the proof certificates on request.



If you have questions regarding the physical properties of your Villi products, call 866-724-5836. We’re always happy to help.


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