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Shining Blue 3x6 wit Shining Blue 3x6 with Bright White Matte 1x1 0 Repin Likes
Turquoise 3x6 with M Turquoise 3x6 with Mix Medinilla multi-format 0 Repin Likes
Blue Sky 4x12 with O Blue Sky 4x12 with Ocean Mix in 1" Rounds 0 Repin Likes
Silver Grey 4x12 wit Silver Grey 4x12 with Bright White Matte 1x1 0 Repin Likes
Blue Cloud 5" Hexago Blue Cloud 5" Hexagons in Glossy and Matte 0 Repin Likes
Blue Cloud River Puz Blue Cloud River Puzzle and Baby River 0 Repin Likes
Blue Sky 2x8 in Herr Blue Sky 2x8 in Herringbone pattern 0 Repin Likes
Bright White Basket Bright White Basket Weave 0 Repin Likes
Fossil blend 1x1 and Fossil blend 1x1 and 2x3 0 Repin Likes
Cielo Baby River and Cielo Baby River and River Puzzle 0 Repin Likes
Just finished another fantastic custom blend for a great customer - Mohawk Tile in PA. A great example of how @villiusa can build you exactly what you want... In a hurry,
Concept Boards in Bo Concept Boards in Bonnie Tile, Jupiter FL 0 Repin Likes
Silver Grey 2x8s Silver Grey 2x8s 0 Repin Likes
Love this use of @villiusa Turquoise Non-Slip Granular surface tile in 4x12. @aldershotlandscape chose it for their Toronto Bloor Street condo project. Beautiful!
Just love how these varied large format glass tiles and @villiusa custom concept boards look in our newest distributor's Las Vegas showroom - thanks @thetuscanycollection!
Does your tile do this??!!?? @villiusa does! It's all about color and light!
See the WOW! @villiusa Elements series in large format Pristine Springs

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