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Unicolor Matte

Our patented process adds another fusing procedure to our tiles to produce a matte surface with a slightly roughened feel. The same Villi palette of color provides rich, deep hues and beauty.

Available in 10 Colors

We do not sandblast the surfaces of our glass tiles, but instead, coat them with corundum to produce the matte sheen. It is, however, manufactured with a closed pore surface making it resistant to fingerprints. Unicolor matte delivers the best of both worlds to discerning designers of innovative spaces!

Available Sizes (some by special order)

12″ x 24″4″ x 8″6″ x 6″16″ x 16″
8″ x 24″3″ x 6″4″ x 16″12″ x 12″
8″ x 16″4″ x 4″4″ x 12″8″ x 8″
4″ x 24″
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