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Villi USA New Website 2018

Learn How The New Villi Website Will Drive Your Sales

Updating or modifying a company website normally has two goals – gain attention and get more content to the consumer.

Villi’s approach to its new website has a different goal – to help you sell more Villi products.

The Villi brand is known for beautiful products with depth and reflectance unmatched in the industry.  Our patented textured base bounces light and color, creating a uniquely spectacular splash of color and sophistication. Our site now gives you the tools you need to best convey this beauty to your customers by getting the basics right and adding innovative features.

First, our fabulous and interesting photography shows the versatility and stunning style of installed and loose material. You’ll marvel at how gorgeous our products are portrayed as you tour the site with designers and customers. The entire line is portrayed, from our 40+ colors in 20+ sizes, to our latest design innovations.

Next, the site is now highly functional and easy to navigate. The general product categories, which remain together, are complemented by features, like a better color search function and faster menu options. The result – you have a sales utility that gets you to the right page as quickly as possible while making browsing and shopping a comfortable, enjoyable activity.

contact Villi USA

Finally, the site is an easy conduit to information from customer service. There are myriad ways to contact us and nearly every page has an easy method to send us your questions.

See it, find it, sell it. Quite simple.

What Your Customers Will Love

Referring your customers to our new site will be a rewarding experience – and not just in increased sales! The site has the latest installation photos in breathtaking commercial and residential locations.  Plus, we’ve added tons of straightforward product photos that truly depict how Villi glass brings color, light and brilliance to any space imaginable. You’ll be proud to direct customers to this new site as it portrays your company as a purveyor of the world’s leading luxury finishes.

Gallery of Villi Tile photos

Your customers can see Villi products in new and fascinating applications, with style, flair, functionality and, of course, all that Villi beauty, too.

Easy Access To Product Info

The site is a reference point for any entity involved with selling, installing and using Villi products.  Full technical, installation and maintenance instructions are easily found on its own tab. Have an installer with a question about how to cut our tile, or the best way to clean it? Or, have an architect who needs the static coefficient of friction? The “Technical Info” tab is your one-stop guide to answering any and all questions.

Villi Technical Resources

We also keep you and your customers up to date on news about Villi products with our “Latest” tab, featuring links to our social media and blog posts for product introductions, promotional events and tradeshow plans.

Villi Social Media Updates

More beauty, better navigation, complete technical information, easier customer service contact methods – that’s what the new is all about.

If you or your customers love the site, let us know – it is the proud offspring of a collaborative team including Getz Photography, Needlestack, The Andover Group and all of us at Villi USA. And, as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

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