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Villi 2019 Industry Survey Results

Beauty, Sustainability and Color Highlight Industry Preferences for Glass Tile

“Hot” Colors for 2019 Trend – Blue!

Villi’s 2019 Industry survey highlighted the continued preference for glass tile products to create memorable designs for home and commercial installations. Design veterans from across the country noted significant continued reliance on glass products going forward and stated its beauty and colors remain the driving force in choosing glass for their designs.

Each year, Villi surveys designers, architects, showroom leaders and other industry veterans on key metrics for glass and other material categories, searching for the trends that will drive designer preference for 2019 and beyond. This year’s survey was answered by industry experts across all major US markets.

A very strong 60% of all respondents choose glass tile when looking for a “never before seen design,” demonstrating a clear preference for the look of glass over porcelain, ceramic, wood and other materials. Nearly 80% of respondents expect glass to be used more or the same as in the past, with 25% expecting the glass category to provide the newest innovations to the industry. Cost pressure was listed as the most important hurdle to customer acceptance for using glass in their projects but its beauty, color options and clean lines were ranked as the top reasons to choose glass.

Shades of Blue Dominate “Hot Color” Trend

2019 Industry Survey Results

Navy Blue, Blue, Bluish and many other types of blue shades were the primary color trend predictions from around the country. The word cloud above demonstrates this preference plus other bright colors such as purple, green and black.

Geographic preferences are shown in the following word clouds by region:

Western US

Western US respondents expected more blue and green usage in the coming year with secondary preferences for light pink and coral plus blacks and grey.

2019 Western US Villi Survey Results

Southern US

In the Southern US, aqua colors like blue, green, stood out over sparkling hues like silver, coral and purple.

2019 Southern US Villi Survey Results

Northern US

And in the Northern US, after a strong preference for Blue and Grey, warmer tones complemented green and chocolate in their color word cloud.

2019 Northern US Villi Survey Results

Villi thanks the many respondents for their time and effort in answering this important survey and will continue to drive new products, colors and ideas to the market using this valuable input.

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